32 Tips to be Happier & more Successful PART 1

Neyku Swimwear & Activewear

Renee Kounis Neyku Director / Designer


Neyku is not only about creating gorgeous fashion pieces that make you look and feel beautiful,  it is also about inspiring you to be the best you can be and to live the life of your dreams.  
After being miserable, depressed and in chronic pain for a massive chunk of my early 20’s, I started looking for answers. I spent the last 10 years studying human behaviour and searching for happiness and fulfillment. Reading the best human behaviour books, having the best physiotherapists, somatic therapist and mind coaches in Sydney, and it has lead me here to share the biggest 30 things I learnt to finding absolute inner happiness and fulfillment.
You can apply these 32 tips  to many areas of your life. Yes 32 – its a big post, so grab a cuppa!


I hope it helps you live a more fulfilled and happy life.


original amanda



1. Follow your dreams 
I believe this is the most important tip! Follow YOUR dreams!
Chase what YOU love  and what YOU want.  Why? Because when you do things you love,  you will  love doing all the work that is takes, you will be a happier person, people will love being around you AND want to be apart of your life and you will enjoy life a whole lot more.
When you do what you love and what you are passionate about, you will be excited about doing the work. You will be passionate about waking up and moving closer to your dreams. Imagine waking up every day feeling inspired to get up and do what you love!  No more snoozing your alarm and having morning dreads about taking on the day. You wake up every morning inspired and ready to take steps towards your goals. You have a fire in your belly, energy to take on life and you never ‘work’ another day in your life! This is what I call living!
When you do things that align with your values and dreams, the results will be long lived. Things  that are aligned with your core values and passions, you will be happier, inspired and less likely to throw in the towel when things get tough.
What is your dream? Why are you here on earth? What are your passions?



2. Never Give up.

Obviously finding your passions and being clear on your dreams may not be easy. It can take time and can definitely take some work. It may also change over time but the answers are always inside YOU! Never give up on your self.

It actually took a lot of hard work to get where I am today. It took years of pain and frustration before I felt some inner happiness. It took years of fighting the fears of things that seem ‘impossible’. It took a lot of strength and courage to let go of the past and take risks to move things forward. It took confidence to make new things happen. Neyku was years in the making before It launched in 2011.

Thank god I never gave up!


Model: Til Finnegan Photographer: Artur Rybarczyk



3. Learn about YOURSELF at a deeper level.
What makes you heart sing and lights a flame in your belly? What do you think about often? What are the things that make you excited? These are things you will be interested in learning about and there for you will want to do the work. How do you react to things? Does it work for you?


Know your passions, your self, your weakness, your strengths.


What did you love doing when you were young? This shares big clues. It was a beautiful time where you were just you, living in the moment, you lived with out fear. What did you want to be? What did you dream about when you didn’t have fear?


For me I was deigning and creating so many things as a kid, selling jewelry and artwork to kids at school. Dreaming about bikinis and designing new ones in my sleep. The list goes on and on!


Find out what makes you excited and filled with joy. What light a spark in you? Really trust yourself and explore your feelings, emotions,  interests and memories. Be mindful of your thoughts and all the beliefs that come up such as  ‘I couldn’t be that’,  ‘but what will others think’  ‘I don’t succeed at anything’ ‘I don’t have time’.


Have you built up beliefs over the years that are not working for you and for your dreams? Explore these thoughts,  beliefs and the feelings. Work on them until they become your best friend.


Model: Josephine Amber Photographer: Artur Rybarczyk


4. Focus on your life not other people’s life 
You only have so much energy and time in one day. Why would you waste  your vitality and important minutes if not hours, focusing on other peoples lives and other peoples dreams when you could be using it to build your beautiful life? This is one reason I really do not get caught up in gossip or bitchiness. There are a lot better things to focus on!


When people bad mouth others, it really does say more about them then the person they are talking about, it shows their weakness and insecurities. I have seen many people bad mouth other people over the years and it has never got them anywhere! It has never lead them to a happier life, but is has often done the opposite.


Taking the easy option and bitching about what others are doing and focusing on their so called faults, may make you feel better for a short time, but eventually it will catch up on you.


Remember this, other people may move you, their actions may make you angry, jealous, sad, etc, and this is GREAT feedback. These feelings give you answers and get you closer to what YOU want and don’t want. You should listen to what these feelings are really telling you. If you listen wisely and act in a positive way by focusing it back to your life, you will be living a much fulfilled life.


5. Trust your gut
Quiet your mind so you can hear your intuition and your inner guidance. This does take practice and requires quiet time, and a healthy mind and body.
When I got lost in life, or made a so called wrong decision, it was often when I did the things I thought I should be doing, or took the advice of others. I ignored my gut. Your gut never lies.


Really listen to your intuition, your inner guidance.
Like Steve Jobs says,Like all matters of the heart, when you know, you just know.’  


Model: Josephine Amber Photographer: Artur Rybarczyk



6. Live like it is your last day on earth  
Think about it for a moment, how would you act today if you knew you were to die tomorrow.  When you think about it, if you only had 24 hours to live on earth,  you let go of ALL fear don’t you?! You automatically forget about the things that hold you back. You don’t care what people think of you, and you don’t worry if you will fail. This fearlessness gets you doing the things that would usually scare you. This moves you forward towards a bigger and happier life.


What risk would you take?  Try living like this for a few days and make your heart sing.


This is how the most successful people live.


7.  Plan. Set Goals.
Write lists of everything you want in all areas of your life:  Career, social, finances, emotional,  spiritual, intellectual, family,  relationships,


Write down your goals and break them down into smaller chunks.


Break those chunks down into even smaller chunks until they are so small you can do a few tasks a day.  Write down the small tasks in your diary, attach a dead line to them all and then tick them off as you go.


Writing down your goals, breaking them down into achievable chunks also makes you realise your dreams are achievable! It will also give you a date of when you will achieve them.

I have a lot to keep on top each year with Neyku:  Designing each range, trend forcasting, pattern making, perfecting ranges, sales, marketing, business relationships,  photo shoots, cash flow, accounts, management, postage and handling, retailing, product development, web presence, stock taking, paper work, business growth,  and the list goes on. Then add my personal goals! You can see why I don’t watch TV!

Lists help me get the important things done no matter how busy I get. Lists help me plan, build momentum, make me feel accountable and get me doing the things I may not like doing or that may get forgotten.

I also love having instant and visual feedback so I see that I am moving forward!


Planning your result makes them achievable and gets it done at the right time. Lists must be done other wise you are going blinded. You will also be accountable for everything you do daily, weekly monthly, and yearly


Remember the saying, Fail to plan ~ Plan to fail.



Model: Josie Artur Rybarczyk


8. Take Action 
You now have achievable lists, and know what you need to do, you just need to take action.


Turn the TV off  and get your daily tasks done! Things do not happen for you if you are sitting on the couch, dreaming of them, or wishing for them, you need to do the work!


You can not rely on luck, you can not wait for a right time, you do not wait until you are ready, you can not let emotions get in the way.  You need a plan and you need to stick to the system. I have seen so many people with massive potential not get the results they should be getting, simply because they just do not do the work.


Take action towards your dreams. Remember Life rewards Action!  


Model: Amanda Bisk Photographer: Chris Lew



9. Just get started.
Sometimes you may not feel like doing the work, especially the parts of your work that you don’t like.  Just remember, start!


Motivation will come after your get started. Take action even if you are unmotivated, momentum will kick in and get you moving towards your results!

Remember that feeling when you start to see results? You’ve started eating really well and the weights starts to drop off? You feel in control and you feel confident. You just know you are on your way to hit your goal! Doing the tiny chunks daily, ticking them off your list, will give you the momentum you need, will build belief in yourself  and strengthen  up your will-power muscle.


Starting is the key!  Forget the emotions and just get moving forward!



Model: Josephine Amber Photographer: Artur Rybarczyk

I hope you enjoyed the first 9 Tips to be Happier and more Successful..  Don’t stop now, the next 2 blogs share Tips 10-32. Enjoy!


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