32 Tips to be Happier & more Successful PART 2

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Continuing on from the last blog, here are Tips 10 – 21.

10.Be prepared to Work Hard and Fight for what you want!

Fight for what you want! Life isn’t always easy!

Live with intention and be active not passive in life. This is your life and you ARE responsible for your success and happiness.
All of my younger life I achieved things pretty easily. Jobs, living arrangements, relationships, money, friends, business, if I have wanted something, generally I would put it out there, and with out too much effort received what I wanted. I am grateful as this gave me the belief that any thing is possible, but as a result I spent my 20’s believing things would just come to me.


I have since learnt that was a very childish way of thinking. The good things in life DO NOT come easy, they do require focus, commitment and hard work.
You will not always like doing the things your goal requires.  You will not be perfect at first and you may struggle.

You can not expect to have an amazing life, hot body, happy relationship, great bank account figure with out working hard at it.  If your dreams are big, you will need to do the work to get them and keeping them!

Model: Amanda Bisk Photographer: Chris Lew


11. Be prepared to fail.
There will be times you will fail. You will get knocked down, times might get discouraging, and you may need to battle through some really tough times.


Do not take this to heart, just learn and move forward to do what needs to be done.


I have heard and experienced over and over again that big businesses will not do business with people that haven’t yet failed. I can see why.  Failing means you have learnt big lessons! It is the tough times that bring out the real talent, the fighter, the drive, the real soldier.  It is easy to be positive and do well when things are new, easy and exciting. Lets be honest though, that is not realistic in life or in business.


What happens when we put massive stresses in your life, big pressures that will test you, what then? This is what makes or breaks you. These times show your real talent your real strengths. Unfortunately 80% of people give up when times get tough.


If you want to find happiness and success you will need to be prepared to fail and fight to get back on your feet.


12. Keep learning
You will need to be inquisitive and keep learning. Remember the saying, if you are not growing you are dying. Keep learning, there is so much to learn and improve on in your life. Keep open to new ways of doing things. You do not know everything! Everything will not work out how you planned all the time. Be open to thinking differently, to learning and to growing.




13. Look after your Body.
To be successful in anything, it is essential to have a healthy body and mind.


Your physiology does go hand in hand with your thoughts and your emotional state. Take the best care of your body so you feel and be the best you can. It is essential to get quality Sleep, great Nutrition, daily Exercise, and enough Hydration.


14. Exercise daily
It is essential to exercise everyday  for so many reasons!

It doesn’t matter what exercise you do, just do what feels good and make sure it aligns with YOU. Only you know what this is. I LOVE  dance, weights, walking, jogging and yoga!

Do around an hour a day at least 5 times a week.

At times, getting up and exercising may be extremely challenging. Lack of sleep, constant stress, achey bodies, flues, family pressures, lack of motivation, the list goes on but just get up and do something. Remember the laws of momentum, just get started! Aim to just do 10 mins and you will find you will want to keep going.


We have a few amazing fitness blogs coming up with the top Sydney Trainers, Marc Konig and Daniel Conn.


Maria Photographer: Max Media
15. Eat cleanly
You are what you eat. Your body actually rebuilds itself from everything you eat. Eat clean, nutritious and vibrant foods and you will be vibrant and and full of vitality too.
Keep an eye on our next few Food blogs with Nutritionist Amy McKendrick and food blogger Keira Rumble.


love in bali


16. Look after your mind. 
Learn about your self, your beliefs and your mindset, by working with a healer, psychologist, mind coach or mentor. They get inside your mind and in touch with emotions so you live the life you truly want.
Your emotions need to be acknowledged and then let them go – try not let them negatively affect your behavior.


All the successful have great people mentoring them! Working on my mind has been the best thing I have done with my life!


17. Deal with the past
Often the past holds us back, and we don’t even know it.


Our body does hold on to memories and hold us back and wear us out. Don’t waste energy keeping those memories alive.  Deal with them so you can let them go and get on with you life.


18. Look after your Environment. 
By environment, I am talking about  YOUR presentation,  YOUR friends, YOUR work space and systems.  EVERYTHING that surrounds you!
Find a system that works for you and stick to it consistently.  A consistently inspiring, clean, organised and inspiring environment is the key to success. Maintain it.



Jess Pugh



19. Dress for success.
How will any one take you seriously if you are walking around with holes in your pants, or driving a shite-box when you are supposedly running a million dollar company.  Why would someone respect you if you do not respect your self.
20. Be careful with whom you spend time with
You are a combination of the 5 people you spend the most time with. This doesn’t mean go out and dump all your friends. This just makes you a idiot. Your friends are your family, they are there to support you and share a journey with you.
Be careful of the toxic people in your life. These people will effect you and your life. Spend time with people that believe in you, your dreams and that inspire you to be a better person.
‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’ Jim Rohn

This quote is a powerful one. I use it to remind myself I am the average of the five people I spend the most time with. That’s it, others around you determine how YOU think, how YOU act and ultimately how successful and happy YOU will be.

21. Life is not about things 
Happiness and fulfillment is not about things. Life is about all the things that can not be seen.
Make sure you do NOT make your life about another person or things such as money or cars.
One thing that fascinates me is the  5 regrets of dying people? They are never about things. The top 5 things the dying regret are always the same:
‘I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.’
‘I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.’
‘I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.’

‘I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.’

‘I wish that I had let myself be happier.’

Stop focusing on things. Focus on the things that matter so you will not die with regrets.




I hope you enjoyed the first 21 Tips to be Happier and more Successful..  The next blog shares Tips 22-32. Enjoy!
Renee xo
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