32 Tips to be Happier & more Successful PART 3


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Renee Kounis Neyku Director / Designer

The last but not least Tips 22-32.

22. Play and Relax
Get out of your head, and have fun and relax.

It is essential to let go, have a laugh, and have time out. Play gets things back in perspective.

Stop thinking, over thinking never helps a situation. Most of the time we need to let things go in our mind so the divine universe can deliver the perfect solution. I make sure if I am stuck with some issues, that will not move,  I get to a dance class, do a good weights session, or help someone else with their problems.

When stuck, always find a way to let go. Break the thoughts before they spiral out of control!

And please, if you are feeling overwhelmed with emotions and darkness constantly in life, and you can never seem to relax or get a grip on life, I truly ask you to reach out. I say it again, getting a psychotherapist was the best thing I ever did.


23. Ask for help
Sometime the hardest thing to do is to ask for help. But we are in the life together, and there are people here to help you.

People especially those trained in human behaviour or in any areas that you need expertise, have tools that will help you and save you hours of suffering.

As I have mentioned, I suffered from depression for years, I understand when you are in your depressed world the last thing you want to do is ask for help. But if you want to live a fulfilling help you must reach out! Connect with someone that will help. Search for someone that feels right for you.  Seeing a therapist for 2 years was the best thing I did, she changed my world, gave my life back to me and helped me reach where I am today.


24. Help Others
Give, be willing to help people, be kind, help others. I can tell you that a lot of my success has come from helping others and being a nice human, as strange as that may sound.
I am baffled weekly at the amount of people that are not open to helping others.  I am shocked at people that sit thinking things will just come their way, thinking they are the center of the universe and not willing to help others. YOU CAN NOT succeed by doing it all your self. You will not succeed waiting for others to do it all for you.
I understand you can not help everyone, its humanly impossible. Sometimes you also need to help your self first before you can help others.
Help others and you will have a richer and more fulfilling life. Life is about giving. It is about helping others.
Let your light shine.
25. Make a positive difference to the world. 
If you are going to do anything in this world, make it a positive one! Somethings that will enhance lives.
If you are looking at excelling at anything, give people what they want and need.
Remember your ‘work’ needs to align with your core values otherwise it will be short lived. Any business is simply a way of helping people and making a positive difference to their life! Solve peoples problems and you will be successful.
26. Love  Unconditionally
Love your self and others unconditionally.


Love everyone unconditionally, everyone is perfect the way they are.  They are the results of all they have learnt and allowed.  Understand we are the results of all we have experienced in the past. We are generally all growing and are trying to be the best we can be.
Love your self for who you are now. If you want to have a better body, or more positive attitude, or a better job, start by loving yourself for who you are are now. Love your self for what you have experienced, and love your self enough to make the changes right now for the better.



27. Embrace your uniqueness
Be authentic and true to who you are. Your uniqueness is beautiful. No one else is exactly like you. Celebrate your differences. Let go of wanting things others have that you cant have. Why waste energy wishing you were 6 foot when you are 5? Why waste vitality wishing you had brown skin when you were born with white?  Focus on what you have and be grateful. You are perfect.

_aa  IMG_6969


28. Understand we are all equal 
We are all equal. You are no better and no less important as anyone else!
Give up your ego if you think you are better then any one else on this planet. You may have been born into money, or education or you may have worked your self up the ladder at work but it does not make you a better person than anyone else. Give it up.


Let go of your insecurities. You have amazing qualities as does everyone in this World. We ALL have our own uniqueness, our own strengths and weaknesses.
You are as important as everyone else on this planet even though you may not believe it. Just remember, you can be anything in this world if you want it but it doesn’t make you a better person.
No one is any better or any less of a person as you. NO ONE!  You were born exactly the same ways as everyone else on earth. You will die just like everyone else on earth.


_aaa me bali beach

29. Gratitude.
Gratitude brings instant calmness in the now. It is NOT possible to be happy every moment of your life, it is NOT possible to be positive every day of your life, you will have ‘shite’ days, and shit things happen to good people, this is life.
Life does throw us curve balls and it just isn’t realistic to be positive and happy every moment of your life, BUT it is possible to take control of your thoughts and be grateful. It is feasible to make the most of everything that comes your way and it is possible to be grateful for what you do have right now in this moment.
It is always possible to be grateful for something in your life no matter how small it may seem. Happiness lies in the ‘now’. Happiness lies in living life completely conscious and aware that you control your thoughts and your state of being.
30. Believe in yourself and your dreams. 
If you don’t believe in your self, how are others going to believe in you and your ideas? Believe in yourself and your dreams.
You really can have pretty much anything in life (some would say anything)  if you are open to learning, growing and doing all the work it requires. But you need to believe in your self and your ideas 100%.

Get your body, mind and energy right and your emotions will follow. With your body, mind, emotions and energy aligned – anything is possible! As we live in a vibrational universe you can really attract what you want to you.  You really are the creator of your life!




31. Celebrate your wins
Celebrate your wins no matter how small they are. Don’t get so busy focusing on your goals that you forget to celebrate your journey and the smaller wins along the way. Remember life is about the journey not the destination. Remember to take a moment and celebrate how far you have come and what you have accomplished.

32. Share 
Share your time, experiences, knowledge and love with the people around you. Life is about people. Imagine life with no one to share it with? What would be the point of creating anything if you had no one to share it with? Share what you have learnt, pass it on. You never know it may inspire or help someone’s life. You may save a relationship, rescue their business or help someone live a more fulfilled life.


My 32 tips have helped me to create Neyku and build the brand from scratch, and see it spread globally. These tips have brought me so much success as a one man band, while competing with companies that have 100’s of staff working for them. I have lived by these tips while running my 2 successful businesses and working for the inspiring and worldwide fitness icon, Michelle Bridges.
The last 3 years have been challenging, and not always smooth sailing, but they have best years of my life this far. I know I have a long way to go to my big goals, and my journey upwards will not stop here.

I hope this blog helps you be happier and live your dreams. Please leave any questions or comments. I would love to hear what you think or hear about your journey.



Renee xo
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