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Today, going back to work after the silly season can be TOUGH for some! I get it, I remember the feeling well! The dread of Monday morning, sick to the stomach, head down, dragging the feet, back to paying bills, back to the daily grind. Sighs!

This time can also bring a lot of “stuff” to the surface and have you thinking some pretty uninspiring thoughts. You start spiralling down.  Before you know it, you are hating life, feeling depressed, feeling out of control and another year goes by.

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Sit back, relax and take a deep breath.  Here are a few tips that will get you focused, back in control, loving your life and maybe even living the life of your dreams in 2015.  Life is a game, it really is what you make of it. You should feel in control and happy as well as grateful to be alive. It is time to feel on top of the world, excited to get up in the morning, walking with a bounce in your step. Life is what every you want it to be!

    1. First of all, before anything else, be grateful for what you have. Focusing on the things you have instantly makes you feel better and lifts your spirit. You literally can not have a negative thought when you are having a positive one. It therefor relaxes your body, eases your mind and if you believe in energy/vibrations, it attracts good things to you. Gratitude is everything!Do you have a wonderful family?  Do you have your health? Do you have time? Do you have a job? Do you live a comfortable lifestyle? Do you have a roof over your feet, shoes on your feet? Some people don’t have any family. Some people are fighting for their life. Some people work 10 hour days, 7 days a week.  Some people don’t have shoes. Some people earn a 10th of what you do.  Be grateful for everything you have, no matter how small it might seem. Someone else out there is preying for what you are taking for granted right now.  Being grateful for what you have really is the secret to living a happier and more fulfilled life.
      Greece art
    2. The summer break can be a great time to slow down and become in tune with your self, if you allow it. It is a great time to reflect on the year that’s gone by and to listen to any feelings that come up. It gives you space from your normal everyday life to feel more and listen to what you really want in life.Use this time to look deep into all areas of your life; health, work, family, learning, finances, relationships, your spirit.
      Do you enjoy your work or are you just switching off and just getting paid? Are you as fit and healthy as you wish to be? Are you enjoy your social life? Do you love your lifestyle? Do you want more? Are you craving to experience something completely different? Are you with your dream partner? Are you as healthy as you want to be? Do you want more energy? Feel and really listen to what is coming up.
      Greece Art
    3. Ask your self what is it you exactly want from your self and life this year? Get specific!

      How do you want to look? How do you want to feel? How do you want to act? What do you want to earn? What would your perfect day look like? Your perfect week? Where would you like to live? Where do you want to travel? What size clothes do you want to wear? Who would you like to meet? Who do you want to surround your self with? How would you like to impact people or society? How would you like to give back?Get specific. Write it down on a piece of paper with NEW ME at the top. If you like visuals, add pictures to create an actual vision board!
    4. What do you want to leave behind? What is holding you back?Do you doubt yourself, do you limit your potential, to you not take action on your dreams?I personally found it hard to live a happy, healthy, successful life because I was held back from limiting ‘beliefs’. I was drowned by  fear: “I cant do that”, “I wont succeed”,  “people will think badly of me”, “I will fail”, “I am not as good as other people”.You can not do what you love or be successful if you always come up with these reasons not to. On a separate piece of  OLD ME write down your beliefs or thoughts that hold you back.
      Greece Art
    5. Question these believes that hold you back, then find an opposite, more positive belief. Write these uplifting beliefs down on a new piece of paper NEW ME:“I can do that”, “I will succeed”,  “the right people will love what I do”, “I will succeed”, “I am just as good and worthy as other people”.
    6. On the OLD ME paper,  add any thing else you would like to leave behind. What is not serving you. What issues, what habits, what lifestyles or thoughts do you want to move on from? “Always rushing and not enjoying the moment, Emotional eating, binge drinking, missing my training, sleeping in late, hanging around with toxic people.” Write it down.
    7. On the paper NEW ME write anything else you want to welcome into the new year. It can be anything but keep it specific: A healthy, strong, lean 63kgs physique. I great connection with my family. A six figure income. A beautiful, loving, inspiring, loyal partner who loves me for who I am.  Yoga 3 x week. Dance 1 x week. 3 overseas trips. Fundraising $100 for the homeless. Etc etc.Greece art
    8. Burn the OLD ME paper! It is great closure to see it burn, to vanish. Say bye to all the things that do not make your life a happy, fun, fulfilled, loving, successful one.
    9. Read and get excited about everything that you are welcoming into 2015, the NEW YOU! Put it someone nice where you can read everyday. When you read it believe in it 100%, get excited.
    10. Make sure you put 5- 10 minutes a side a day –  I choose the morning –  to focus on your list. Read it, visualise it, feel what it would feel like living this life and believe it is happening. Welcome the NEW you!

Remember your thoughts, your beliefs and attitude really DO shape your life. I personally believe there is magic in keeping your thoughts and emotions focused on what you want.  All the people I know that have had successes, have kept their thoughts positive, only focused on what they want, trusted they will get there, consistently visualised their goals and worked hard towards them.

If there is any doubt or confusion on what you want, instead of letting the confusion take over your thoughts, try this. Focus on feeling grateful for the perfect resolution –  even though you don’t know the resolution yet.

Remember Life rewards action.  Those whom do act on their goals are more successful, so do make the time to do this and reap the rewards.

I can not wait to hear all about the new, healthier, happier you. Have an amazing year!

Renee x

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Graffiti Art taken by me in Lesbos Greece.


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