Using fear to succeed

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Are you aware of your fears and that they could be stopping you live the life of your dreams?

I grew up in a fear focused environment and had a lot of fear inbuilt in me, so it is obvious to me now why during my twenty’s  I avoided so many amazing experience and journeys simply because of fear. Fear of failing, fear of being rejected,  fear of not making money, fear of not being good enough, the list goes on.

Grateful now I have learnt from this, with this awareness I now choose to work through the fears that arise. With being more comfortable to ‘fail’ and be ‘rejected’, I have become more open to new experiences, I have really pushed my comfort zone., and continue to grow because of it. I focused on what I want, and not on what I don’t want to happen – that I used to fear.  I love inspiring others to face their fears because it is extremely life changing.

 I write this blog ‘using your fear to succeed’ to empower you to face you fears, to allow yourself to live a happier, healthier more fulfilling life. Your health, vitality, career and personal experiences will never be better!


Renee Kounis Neyku Director / Designer


Fear is just a handful of unpleasant emotions or thoughts.  What you fear is not actually real, even though it may seem and feel extremely legit. It is completely normal to fear things and events. Every one does and every one will, and we all experience different fears.

So why is it so important to learn and be aware of fear?  Because fear is the biggest impediments to human progress. If you have goals and dreams that scare you, which weirdly enough is often how our dreams show up, we can avoid them for years, even decades. In turn leaving us impeded, uninspired, depressed, frustrated and suffering with health issues. I know this one well!

We give all this energy to the person or event that we fear and the ridiculous thing is the situation is not even real! 

Fear is only an assumption, an assumption that in the future you are going to experience something that will cause more loss then gain, more pain then pleasure and more bad then good.

Fear, and the fight-or-flight response in particular,  is an instinct that every animal and therefor human possesses. It is an in build chain of reactions that happen in the body.  All of these physical responses are intended to help you survive a dangerous situation by preparing you to either run for your life or fight for your life.  Unfortunately these days our senses can not distinguish the difference between  a situation such as ‘talking to our boss about a touchy subject’ and stumbling  across a hungry lion.


Model Amanda Bisk


As learnt from Dr Demartini, we often fear these 7 common things…


Fear of failure – We all fail and we all succeed through out our life. Both is needed.

Fear of not knowing enough  –  I’m not smart enough, I’m not intelligent enough, I’m not educated enough.

Fear of losing loved ones  – If you truly deeply love some one (and not just need them) you will not have any issues here.

Fear of rejection –  I’m not intelligent enough, I’m not attractive enough. Yes you are!

Fear of losing money or not making money – If you truly love what you intend to do, really want to fulfill others needs, respect and manage money, you will be financially rewarded for what you do.

Fear of being socially rejected – This is a big one and I relate to this one well. A lot of people will not do what they love because they’re afraid others will reject them. Rejection and acceptance are both a part of life. The more magnificent you become, the more you will receive rejection and acceptance. It will all be ok.

Fear of breaking morals or ethics of spiritual or social authorities –  Are you stuck in religious or ethical beliefs? Is the belief true?

Fear of not having the energy or vitality to live out your dream –  I know this is the opposite. A dream not lived out, but bottled inside, will definitely create more health problems! Live it out, do the wonderful thing you came to this Earth to do!



Model: Amanda Bisk Photographer: Chris Lew



Holding on to fear is a major causes of negativity and stress.  As we know, stress is 99% cause of illness. Even if you know it or not, this fear type stress you are carrying around with you all day every day, is effecting your health. It especially is affecting your solar plexus and your digestion.

Fear is a part of life. You will always have fear no mater what. Top sports people, actors, presenters still have fear. But it is what you do with that fear that determines your reality.

What you really need to understand is that the fear comes into your life to make you grow, and it will continue to show up in your life. Once you get through one thing that brings fear, life will deliver you another, and another and another.

It is how you deal with these fears that determine your growth and your reality. Fear is a great thing if you know how to recognise it and diffuse it.

When you let your fears grow and you do not tackle them, they take over your life.  But when you face your fears, they diminished and will grow smaller.

The aim is to be posed, present, patient,  and face your fears by holding on to your power. You will in turn become more confident and in control of your life.  You will know your dreams are achievable. You will hold on to your health and vitality.


Model Til Finnegan


It is necessary to examine the thing you fear.  What is it exactly you fear? If you had zero fear and you were totally unafraid of this situation, how would you act?

Then, woh la,  act that way!  It may feel like you cant, but you can. You need to take control and change your thought pattern and yes it will take practice. ALL professionals started off with fear and doubt. Just remember you have to start some where! Until you have done it a few times, maybe more, will you feel completely confident.


So what do you fear? Do you fear being rejected? Do you fear success? Do you fear failing?

If so, give your self permission to do so, give your self permission to ‘fail’. What is the worst thing that could happen?


Next ask your self how could the ‘worst case’ scenario assist you? Most of the time, the ‘worst case’ is not all that ‘bad’.  So ask your self how would this result serve you?

Asking these questions and finding answers is so important! It will bring your thoughts back in balance and take away the emotional charge from the thing you fear.

What to do next? Get clear on exactly what you want. Write out your goal very concisely.

Then break down your goal into small chunks, bite size achievable goals. Delegate bits if you need and if you can.

Then act on your goal! Take the leap! You will be rewarded.

You will find repeating ‘I can do it,  I can do it’  will affirm to your subconscious mind that you can do it.  People believe what they say, so SAY the things you want to believe!

Lastly, take ACTION! Remember life rewards action. It creates momentum and keeps you moving closer to your goal.


Byron Bay


If you want to succeed, you MUST double your rate of ‘failure’.  As Henry Ford once said, “failure is just another opportunity to more intelligently begin again.”


Go on, give your self permission to live the life of your dreams. You are here to do amazing things, go shine.

Renee xo


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