Lauren Vickers on How She Keeps her Bikini Body

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Today we chat to the beautiful International Model,  Lauren Vickers, to see how she keeps her amazing Bikini Body 12 months of the year.

These are her secrets:

1. Sweat Every Day

Aim to get your heart rate up and sweat for 30 mins every day. If you can only work out 3 days a week, go for longer. If you can only do 15 mins a day, go twice as hard. Switch it up and work different muscle groups so you tone up your whole bod and don’t get bored. Do a class, go for a run, do bodyweight exercises or lift some light weights with lots of repetitions. Use music or enlist a friend to help keep you motivated.

2. Eat to Nourish

Try to incorporate as many fresh ingredients as you can into your diet. Use herbs, spices or lemon/lime to flavor your food instead of heavy sauces, and make sure your plate is half filled with colorful fruits or veggies to make sure you’re getting all your vitamins. Carbs are fine, especially when excercising, just steer clear of the gluggy, processed versions that will just make you feel tired.

Cheeky Bikini

3. Up Your H20

I carry around a 1L water bottle and fill it up 3 times a day, easy! I like to add fresh cut fruits like raspberries, strawberries, orange, lemon, lime or pineapple for a little extra flavor – mint is a great addition too and doesn’t make getting your needed intake taste so boring.

Lauren Vickers in Neyku Goddess bikini

4. Get Outside

Put down the phone, turn off the TV and go enjoy the outdoors. Go with friends, chat, connect, people watch. You need to give your brain some outside stimulation and have some face time without always looking at a screen. Take a little time to meditate and process your thoughts, a happy mind helps you get to a happy body.

5. Pamper Yourself

Set aside a couple of hours to spoil yourself. Light some candles, put on some soothing music and run yourself a bath. Scrub your body and lather yourself in coconut oil. Do a hair and face mask and give yourself half an hour to chill out and read a book or something. Wash it all off and you’ll feel all soft and brand new!

Lauren gold cheeky

Make sure you check out Lauren’s work through her stunning website and fantastic social media pages:

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Thanks again Lauren, we love your tips! xo


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