Lauren Dally

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After meeting the gorgeous Lauren Dally in December 2013, we have been hooked on her aspiration, healthy attitude and infectious smile!

The down to earth Aussie Model, originally from Ballarat and the Gold Coast,  now lives in the eastern Suburbs of Sydney.  Lucky for us this means we are able to regularly catch up with her for shoots and inspirational chats about work, life and future plans.  With Lauren always being positive, inspiring and upbeat, our time together is always such a pleasure. 

Today we chat and laugh over a cappuccino and short black.  Lauren shares with us her life as a model, what keeps her inspired and short and long term goals.

Lauren Dally In Neyku

We love how open, honest and down to earth you are on your social media pages. How do you find social media as a platform for connecting with our society?

Aw thank you, I try to be as honest and open with people in all aspects of life. For me social media has been wonderful. It allows you to show the real you, you can connect with people all across the world and a great way to really build your profile.

We love the shoots you have done with Angel Riley wearing Neyku. What do you most love about modelling?

Angel has been just that, an angel.  The photos we did are my favourite to date, natural and effortless, Made easy wearing your beautiful swimmers. I love how everyday is different in modelling, one day your running along the beach doing a fitness shoot to then finding your inner sexy siren in some tasteful lingerie. No two days are the same.

Explain your self in 10 words?

Driven and genuine with a lot of love to give.


What is your next goal in life?

My dream since I was a young was to be a TV Presenter. However I chose a different path, one in real estate for 5 years.  But there was always an urge to be what I’ve always wanted to be. So I’ve returned to fulfil that lifelong dream. Getaway would be the ultimate, to work and travel the world, doesn’t get better than that.

Who inspires you?

Many people inspire me,  in the modelling industry is the Elle McPherson!

A very beautiful, successful business woman. Using her platform as a model to create countless business ventures- Lingerie, skin care, tv presenting, acting and my childhood dream, Sports Illustrated. All of this and a body like that at 50! Amazing

So did you grow up in the Gold Coast?

I’m actually from a small gold mining town in Victoria called Ballarat. I was raised by my grandma, until 18 then decided to make the move to the Gold Coast. Having only seen photos I thought, yes that’s where I want to be, and it’s just as beautiful in person.

Lauren Dally Model

What would be your dream holiday destination?

I have been overseas once to Malaysia and that’s it. So my goal is certainly do some more travelling. On my vision board for a holiday I have pictures of Santorini, Slovenia, Maldives & Tahiti. As for career progression would be LA and New York.

We love how fit and health conscious you are. What would be your top 3 tips to keep your body, mind and spirit in tip top shape.

I am active everyday, it make me happy, gives me clarity and keeps me focused on working towards my goals. For me my tips would be don’t feel like it’s a chore, find something that interests you. For me I can’t do cardio at the gym, walking on a tredmill. Why when you could be outside in the beautiful sunshine. I do a combination of cardio, weights, HIIT andbikram yoga for flexability and peace of mind.

What is your favourite food?

That’s a tough one. I have a few, but if out for dinner would be anything seafood. My ultimate would be crispy skin salmon, with some lightly salted sweat potato fries.

If you came across a genie what 3 things would you ask for?

An endless box of tim tams? Haha no.

Number  1, though it sounds superficial, would be endless money. They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but it certainly allows a lot more doors to open for goals towards your desired career, dream home or destination.

2 Not that I’m looking, but to find that special someone. A genuine person that brings out the best in you, someone who is funny, loyal and encouraging. Because let’s face it, what’s life if you don’t have people to share it with.

3 Happiness. Whether it be your career, family , love life. That is all anyone really wants, is to be happy. For me I hope to turn my passion and what bring me joy into a lifelong career. Along the way I hope to also inspire others to go after their dreams .

Lauren Dally in Neyku Activeawear
Isn’t she a gem!?
Make sure you check out Lauren’s great website and stunning social pages here: 


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