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Stefnee Stonell



Today we chat to STYLEDby Creative Director, Stefnee Stonnell. 

STYLEDby  debuted in 2013 with their September Issue featuring Jesinta Campbell and has since been getting amazing feedback through their beautiful work with models, actresses, singers, and fashion icons such as Laura Dundovic, Tessa James, Ricki Lee, They All Hate Us.


 STYLEDby Ricky Lee


We love the beautiful work you have recently done with Laura Dundovic, Tessa James, Ricki Lee and ‘They all hate us’. What other beautiful work do you have lined up for the near future?

Thank you. We create our own Editorial’s each month and we like to place a real emphasis on Australian talent and the creative industry as a whole. We have some exciting things in the pipeline so be sure to login and check us out.


You launched STYLEDby in September 2013. How long was it in the making?

It was 12 months of planning and design and to be honest it is still evolving. We’re currently in the process of a redesign which will be unveiled on our first birthday, our next September Issue so it’s all systems go. We’re positioning ourselves more as an everyday site. Your daily go to for the latest fashion and beauty news and shopable trend reports.



What do you most love about being a Creative Director?

I’m a Gemini so I am constantly changing my mind and being influenced by different things, so the nature of my work really suits my personality. It’s always exciting to work with other creatives and bounce ideas off each other. We have a hard working team behind STYLEDby and they all inspire me to be better.


When did you know you wanted to work in Fashion, Style and Beauty?

Two things have always spoken to me from an early age, and that’s fashion and music, so I guess I’ve always known… My back up career was to be a DJ.

STYLEDby ricki-lee


The editorial spread you did with Ricki Lee is definitely my personal favourite STYLEDby work. What has been your most memorable job?

Ricki was an absolute dream to work with, it was fun and something a little bit different as she was the first music artist we’ve worked with. We also incorporated her own line with Cotton On Body in our editorial so it was a new challenge that I really enjoyed. I’m also a big fan of Tessa James and the images we’ve produced in our current Editorial. It’s hard to pick a favourite, I love and learn something from all of the spreads.

Laura d with STYLEDby

When you are prepping for a job, where do you find your creative inspiration?

Pinterest will be the death of me, I get lost for hours on there. Also fashion magazines, fashion adverts, music, streetstyle, social media… Inspiration literally strikes anywhere. I have a folder of photos and screen shots on my phone as well as voice memos that I look over once a month and there will be things I’ve jotted down that I completely forgot I loved. Sometimes I can’t even remember the purpose of my notes!


If someone wanted to enter the styling / fashion world, what would be the ONE thing you would tell them?

Work experience is key! There’s nothing like first hand training and making your own contacts. And secondly (but just as important) respect everyone from the Intern to the Editor, because one day the Intern might be the Editor.

Laura Dundović with STYLEDby

What piece of clothing/fashion is your favourite at the moment, and why?

Sophia Webster heels and Sarah & Sebastian Jewellery – It’s all in the details.



Which one person do you hope to work with in the future?

Ohhh that’s a tough question. I’m really inspired by women in the fashion business like Carine Roitfeld, Miroslava Duma and Natalie Massenet, I feel I would learn a lot from any one of them. But in terms of STYLEDby I’d really love to feature Georgia May Jagger, that’s my dream.

Tessa with STYLEDby

Want more of Stefnee’s gorgeous work?  Please visit STYLEDby’s website and social pages, it is definitely Fashion, Beauty and Style at it’s best.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us Stefnee. We can not wait to see more of your beautiful work. xx

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