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We talk to Creative Director Carolyn FerreiraShe is stunning, talented, graceful and has a big future ahead of her in New York Fashion!

Her beautiful creativity can been seen throughout the amazing ‘Girls just want to have fun’ editorial which featured Neyku along side of Australian designers Camilla and Zimmerman in American Huf Magazine.

The Canadian Fashionista is in the process of moving to the Fashion Capital, New York City to pursuit more of her Fashion and Creative directing dreams. We were lucky enough to catch up with her over a latte before she departed Sydney! 

Stylist Carolyn Ferreira

We absolutely love the work you put together for the Huf Magazine submission. What exciting work do you have lined up in the near future?
Thank you! Being in Australia these last two years really makes you want incorporate the beautiful landscapes and amazing coastal shores outdoors. The ‘Summer Daze’ spread at Bondi beach was certainly one of my personal favorites also. I collaborated with the very talented Ilana Sallick and we seemed to really hit it off. Since then her and I have joined forces again.

The inspiration for our last project came to me when I visited the stunning Neilson Park in Rose Bay. I have always had an intense fascination with nature and environment and happened to came across the most captivatingly enormous, old and overgrown archway of trees and immediately envisioned my next creative there.

Neyku in Huff Magazine Editorial with Ilana Sallick

When did you know you wanted to work in Fashion, Style and Beauty? 

To be honest, as far back as I can remember. Like any young girl, I was always looking for ways in which I could express myself. I spent many years as a competitive gymnast really allowing me to use my body as a way to communicate and convey emotion. On my off time from training I loved to explore and experience the outdoors. As I grew I think my fascinations naturally expanded to include landscape, architecture, photography and art. This inevitably evolved into creative direction and fashion.

If you were to step back in time, some where in the 1900’s, what year would you choose because of the fashion, and why?

In terms of travelling back in time, I’ve always been a true rock and roll girl at heart. I’d have to say the late 70’s early 80’s for sure. The fashion then was very much influenced by music and art, which resonates with me and given I am such a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl; the shoe just fits!

Neyku in Huff Magazine Editorial with Ilana Sallick

We absolutely love the studio shoot you just did with Neyku, Photographer Ryan Seaz and FIVETWENTY model DimittyBaird. When you are preparing for a creative job, where do you find your inspiration? 

The driving force behind any creative idea usually comes to me on a whim. Of course I’m always skimming the fashion and pop culture magazines for inspiration, but an idea can be something as simple as stumbling across a beautiful landscape like at Neilson Park, or seeing an amazing piece of art in a gallery window as I’m walking by. From there, my mind begins to wonder and envision a whole world of possibilities which gets me excited to get the idea out of my head and bring it to life!

Who is your favorite fashion icon?

When you’re in this industry you tend to be influenced by many different people. One of my biggest fashion Icons has always been Alexander McQueen but at the moment I’m all about the minimalistic but feminine approach to style. I love Olivia Palermo and have really been into the gorgeous Australian fashion blogger Sarah Donaldson @harper&harley and another Aussie model/fashion blogger Nicole Warne @garypeppergirl.
We know you are excited about us launching Activewear this Month, as well as our other exciting health & fitness adventures, so please tell us, what do you love doing to keep looking and feeling amazing? 
I am a huge advocate of being fit and having a healthy lifestyle. To me being healthy is a way of life. Achieving balance through the mind, body and spirit is when I feel at my physical best. I have always been a very active person and I love sports too.

In the last few years I’ve really taken to yoga. I think as you get older and life gets more busy and stressful, we forget to really take time for ourselves. Yoga allows me to cut off from everyday life and regain clarity, focus and energy for what lies ahead.


We know you have invested in a few Neyku Bikinis. Where would you next love to be wearing a Neyku bikini, and with whom? 

This has certainly been one of the busiest years of my life, so If I’m lucky enough to squeeze in a little trip to Europe most definitely there. But I will be moving to New York this August so no doubt they’ll be showing themselves in the Hamptons in the summer months on a little getaway from the busy city life.

You must be super excited about relocating to the Big Apple, what do you most love about NY’s fashion? 

If you ask anyone in this industry where they feel the most alive and inspired its New York City. Besides the fact that it is home to some of the worlds best designers and has the largest selection of shops and boutiques, the city has an electric feel like no other place in the world. I think the people and the fashion in New York is diverse and that’s what makes it so exciting. You are free to be yourself and not to conform. The sky is the limit.

What 3 items in your wardrobe will you be taking to New York, and why will you not be leaving them behind

Nike Free Run’s –   I absolutely need my exercise – and it’s the city of walking after all.

Willow Leather Jacket  – It is so versatile, It is the perfect addition for any outfit day or night.

TOPSHOP – MOTO blue jeans – My ultimate go to piece, I can’t live without them!

Neyku in Huff Magazine Editorial with Ilana Sallick

Check out Carolyn’s website and Instagram page: 
Thanks for the great chat Carolyn and wishing you the very best on your creative adventures over there in the NYC! We can not wait to come visit! xx
Photographer “Girls just want to have fun”: Illana Sallick
Models:  Rachel Penrose & Georgia Gravanis
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