Daniel Conn


We talk to the fit and very humble Daniel Conn. He is an inspiring Elite Personal Trainer, model and ambassador and lives in our favourite spot, Bondi Beach. Dan has played NRL, been seen on MTV show “Jersey Shore” and is about to feature on ‘Ex on the Beach’.  We talk to him about fitness,  Bondi life and the future… 

Dan Conn


We love the name Fit Dan! Who came up with it? 
The UK people I actually thought it meant it was cause I was a trainer but apparently it means something else. 🙂

How long have you been a Personal Trainer for? What has been the highlight of your career?
7 yrs qualified, on and off with playing in the NRL. highlights is having long time clients and clients that have lost big weight and changed there lives, as in 100ks lost!


Daniel Conn
You need to keep in tip top shape for all your  lines of work, how do you keep yourself so fit?
Train myself and with my clients, stay positive and eat clean and fresh ALL the time (maybe).




What would you say to a client that came to you wanting to get a body like Candice Swanepoel?
I’d say don’t try and look like someone else just worry about being the best you can be on the inside and out and you will forget all about that Candice chick. 🙂




What style of training do you generally do with your clients to help them lose weight and ‘toneup’? Why?
Circuit based high intensity training,a lot of resistance training because a lot of people think dropping body fat is all you need to tone but its vital to have some muscle under there it looks better and the body functions more efficiently with good muscle mass.


What are your 3 TOP  tips to us girls getting bikini ready?
Sprints, lift weights until failure (don’t have to go heavy) and eat everything that is fresh, clean and hasn’t been tampered with by man.


So you are currently living and working  out of Bondi. What do you most love about Bondi?
There is a lot to love about Bondi Beach, the great people the good spots for coffee and nice places to spend the down time

Dan Conn


As you know I love my Gusto coffees down Bondi, what are your thoughts on coffee?  Do you have a vice?
I used to drink coffee a lot and I didn’t realise I was lactose intolerant so now I have a quick short black for a morning pick me up! Coffee is a good thing 😉


Dan Conn


You excited  the new show, Ex on the beach? What should we expect?
I have no idea to expect so i’m expecting nothing What ever happens from it happens I just hope I come across like a good Aussie bloke, people enjoy the show and it goes well on MTV.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Would you like to own your own gym one day?
In 5 yrs i’d like to have my own gym/health food/coffee shop… With my own name and type of training available there. I would like to have that as a franchise and have them all around the world and be a millionaire so nothing to crazy hahaha
Check out Daniel’s website and social pages here: 

Thanks for the chat Dan, look forward to talking with you soon! x

Dan Conn

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