Women need to do resistance training!

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Ladies, I know you have heard it before, but you must do resistance training!
Do you know why? 
To get stronger, yes, but there is many more reasons. Here are my top 10 reasons you must add in resistance training to your weekly exercise regime..
Renee Kounis designer director
1. Become a fat burning machine
Resistance training builds lean muscle tissue which increases your Resting Metabolic Rate (the rate at which you burn calories at rest). This means you increase the rate at which you burn calories while sitting there doing nothing. So yes, sitting there are your desk reading this, sleeping, online shopping you will be burning more calories!
Directly after a good resistance training session, your body has to recover and rebuild its self, it does this to prepare for the next time you put it through a similar session. The body wants to adapts and be efficient to what ever you put it through. This recovery and rebuilding takes energy, therefore you will also be burning higher amounts of calories for 24-48 hours after a good resistance session. You do not get close to this response after doing a cardio session.
2. Strong body, strong mind
Controlling your mind is the first step in controlling your body and your life.
Consistently honoring your word and commitment to your training, creates more mind power – more inner power. Your confidence in yourself grows. You really start believing that you can achieve any goals you set and commit to. This inner strength helps you in all areas of life that you commit yourself.
Strength training also helps you become mindful and helps you to live in the now. Lifting weights encourages a lot of focus as your mind can not wonder when you have 12kgs above your head. You let go and live in the present.
3. Life becomes easier
When you are stronger, the little things become so much easier. Carrying the shopping, picking up the kids, cleaning, moving house, going up stairs, its ALL becomes so much easier.
I have had clients that have come to me struggling with daily tasks. After as little as 4-6 weeks they have been raving how these tasks that were once a challenge had become a lot easier.
Imagine how that influence your whole life on a day to day basis!
4. Stress release
Stepping away from work, away from technology, away from the ‘to do list’ to train is one of the best things you can do, especially when your productivity is starting to decrease.
We go through the pressures of life, the tension builds up in the body and you need to release it. The best way to move this stagnant energy is to really get into the body and MOVE!  You will return with more focus and clarity, you will return feeling like a new person!
While most exercise is a ‘stress on the body, resistance training will not effect the adrenal system like high intensity cardio training.  Cardio is also great to release tension, but doing repetitive high intensity cardio training causes high stresses on the body and without adequate rest between sessions, it can cause havoc on the adrenal system.
Renee Kounis designer director
5. Posture
Whether it is that we have sat at desks for years on end, carried bags on one shoulder, been shy and had our head hanging down, most of us have consistently carried physical stresses continuously for a long time. Most of us have repeated the same types of movement continuously for years with out being conscious of it.  Without compensating these movements ( or lack of), these unconscious behaviors can effect your posture!
Consciously working on maintaining good posture through resistance training will help you keep good posture and neutral spine also in your everyday life.
Good posture will also help you feel more confident within your body and communicate your confident and self-love to others. Better posture usually makes you look leaner too! Bonus!
6. Pain management and avoiding injuries
While it is always fun to train your strengths, training your weakness is more important. Make sure you also train what is weak. This will keep your body in balance and therefore you will help avoid getting injuries.
Usually pain comes from imbalances in the body – the body coming out of neutral alignment and its efficient state. Strengthening the weaker muscles and therefore correcting these imbalances will get the body firing correctly and efficiently again. This will take pressure off the areas with built up tension and therefore pain will diminish.
7. Strengthens bones
For many women, osteoporosis prevention is one of the best reasons to lift weights. Weight training places demands on bones which keeps them strong. It also protect our joints so that they can tolerate the loads we place on them from day to day and also protect us from falls.
8. Heart health
Weight training can improve cardiovasular health in several ways, including lowering LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, increasing HDL (“good”) cholesterol and lowering blood pressure. When cardiovascular exercise is added, these benefits are maximized. Heart health is all about long levity!
9. Sleep better
For the majority of the population, sleep problems are linked to weight gain. But studies also shows that women that train weights sleep better.  So get in your resistance training, sleep from around 10pm – 6am and you will double win!
10. Build shape
Most girls I have trained over the years all want a smaller waist and a tight buttocks, they want their clothes to fit better and want to look and feel good in that bikini.
Well to get that tight, fit body you need to work those muscles with resistance! You need to build lean tissue and you need to burn fat.
Those hot little tight bodies out there don’t happen by cardio and diet alone.
I hear some of you saying, ‘but i don’t want to get bulky’.
You wont!
The hormone testosterone is responsible for the large increases in muscle mass seen when men lift weights. Women’s testosterone levels are a fraction of men’s testosterone levels. You will not get bulky girls. If you are starting to feel heavy, you obviously need to watch what is going into your mouth. Diet is 70-80% responsible for how lean your body is and remember you can not out train a bad diet!
Please note, resistance training doesn’t mean to only train weights in the gym. You just need to train with resistance in some capacity: Resistance bands, medicine balls, TRX,  body weight, calisthenics, cables, it all counts! Just challenge the muscle with resistance, ideally 10 – 15 reps, where you will be fatigued at the end of the set.
Do at least 3 sets per exercise and train consistently, at least 3 times a week. Keep up the variety for best results.
If you are not 100% happy where you are be open to change. Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone today. 
Happy training! xx

Renee Kounis Neyku Director / Designer

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