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9 Reasons that you should start practicing yoga NOW!


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Life wants us to be whole in the fullest and truest sense of the word and as a big believer in learning to really connect to yourself and being as wholesome & authentic as possible, there is nothing better than a regular yoga practice to be at one yourself wholly!

The Sanskri word ‘yoga’ actually means ‘union’ and ‘union with the divine’. Yoga helps create union with all aspect of yourself; your body, mind & spirit. By reading this blog & practicing yoga for your self you will soon realise why.


Here are my 9 reasons why you will benefit from a regular yoga practice…

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1. Yoga connects you to your body

Yoga is really about being aware of where your body is in space and time. Yoga emphasises the importance of technique and therefore brings your awareness of where your body and how its feeling. Continually & gently guiding your body to master each pose  (by consciously using the right muscles and not pushing through injuries) will increase the benefits it receives from yoga.


2. Yoga is a great workout, it builds strength & helps with weight loss

A good yoga class will get you moving through many multi-directional movements and will challenge all of your systems using your body weight, working muscles against gravity and putting it to its test in regards to strength, stabilisation, mobility and endurance!

You just have to do a few sun salutations correctly and you will feel an increased heart rate as well as fatigued arms, legs and core!

Yes yoga can assist in weight loss! Yes, this may challenge your current belief about losing weight, but you do not have to walk away from a workout completely exhausted or dripping wet from sweat to lose weight and get strong. A regular Yoga practice – hand in hand with a healthy diet & lifestyle – challenges your body & aids in a healthy metabolism which can lead to great weight loss in grounded, calm & maintainable way!



3. Yoga is great for your posture

We practice yoga to be strong, supple and functional and have great alignment.

Most Yoga teachers will prioritize alignment & posture over poor techniques. By practicing poses in good posture and correct alignment we create great posture awareness, more mobile joints and better endurance in the postural muscles.


4. Yoga connect you to your breath

One of Yoga’s main focus is working with the breath. The breath is a great communicator between body and mind. The breath tells us when we are struggling, resisting and relaxing and therefore helps to communicate the experiences we are having in our body.

Connecting and bringing awareness to the breath steadies the fluctuations of the mind and bring greater balance to the nervous system.

The conscious yogic breaths syncronises your entire system under one rhythm, massages & relaxes the organs, and detoxes!

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5. Yoga relaxes your nervous system

Instead of smashing yourself with a high intensity workout and therefor releasing stress hormones such as cortisol (high amounts can be linked to difficulty in weightloss), yoga will do the opposite.

Yoga is all about challenging the body but keeping the nervous system calm. Movement and breathe is keep calm and fluent. You can see why Yoga releases the ‘feel good’ hormone serotonin, which helps regulate everything from your mood and appetite to your sleep patterns. You can see why if you think you are too ‘stressed’ to work out, think again! Yoga can work magic for you.


6. Yoga builds mental strength

From learning to accept the what is (pushing through beliefs and challenging barriers during poses) to find ‘comfort’ in the ‘un-comfort’ (in poses or throughout the class) to letting go of what is (being OK where you are, knowing it’s a practice & journey), yoga helps builds acceptance, faith & therefore mental strength.

We can take these mindset tools from the mat into the out side World to live a fuller & more joyful experience.


7. Yoga creates stability & mobility 

Yoga balances and challenges all areas of the body in all movement planes and in all of its different types of movements. A lot of the balance, strength, power, and flew & extend poses focuses on really enhancing the stability and mobility throughout the whole body creating a very balanced practice.


8. Yoga can help you with emotional breakthroughs. 

As we work with the body & mind we are also working with our energy system – the bridge between body & mind. This means working with emotions, so as we move through or sit with poses, emotional breakthroughs can occur!

Emotional breakthroughs are good things. They can help with letting go of baggage we have been holding on to for years that have been holding us back from living the life we want!


9. Yoga is a great moving meditation & improves your intuition.  

Yoga take you away from your ‘outside world’ & whats is going on in your life and any stresses for the duration of the practice. It teaches the importance of quieting your mind of all its useless chatter and just being ok in the now. Yoga knows thinking about problems and stressful situations doesn’t help anyone so it just brings you back to your breath so you can be totally present in your body (with a quiet mind).

Focusing on your yogic breath during challenging poses (also known as a moving meditation) creates space to connect with your higher self. Connecting to your higher self improves your intuition and your inner power so you can live a confident life, always trusting in your own guidance system, your own gut, your own heart that knows the way to everything that you want.

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Check out my Yoga teachings on YouTube where YOU can explore all the benefits yoga has to offer – all in the comfort of your own home.



Sat nam


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