Let’s get the eating right! Part 2

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Eating right  for your health, for your fat loss, for fuelling your body and for your vitality is not hard. It is so simple, when you know how!

Part 2 –  HOW to get it right! 


My Nutrition Coach Roast Chicken


Let us start by giving you a list of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Vegetables and fats. Say what? Yes, this is the easiest way to begin to educate your self on how to eat right!  It is sooooo simple yet I see so many people getting it sooooooo wrong!?  Lets get back to basics,  and get educated (or even reminded)  on how to eat right!

Lets start by talking about the importance of protein, please if anything, take home this message!  Protein intake boosts metabolism. It also is essential to rebuild your muscles and cells and fill you up for longer.

When you consume food – any food – your body has to expend energy digesting and absorbing the food. This means your body’s metabolic rate increases after you eat.  So eating 1,000 calories of lollies or margarine is not treated (energetically) the same as eating 1,000 calories of clean protein.

It is known that metabolic rate is 2 ½ times higher on a high-protein diet than on a high-carbohydrate diet. This could obviously have significant effects long term and help in losing those stubborn kg’s of bodyfat!

Of course now please do not go and eat a whole cow, but just remember a clean  and proper serving size of protein in your meals is essential for filling you up, increasing your metabolism,  giving your body the tools it needs to rebuild, recover and function at its best.

Here are some of my best choices of proteins for you.

  • Chicken breast, Turkey breast,  Salmon, Tuna, Lean beef, Top cuts steak, Sirloin steak, Crab, Lobster, Swordfish, Eggs, Cottage cheese, Prawn, fresh ocean whiting, fresh water snapper.


Ok next is carbohydrates. Please don’t freak out,  yes you should eat carbohydrates. Carbohydrates fuel the body, they feed the brain and can also provide your body with lots of vitamins, minerals antioxidant if you chose correctly!  Unless you want feel exhausted all day long, carbs are a must for a balanced and healthy diet!

My list of my favourite and healthy carbohydrates

  • Baked potato, Sweet potato, pumpkin, pasta, brown rice, oats, oatmeal, beans, corn, Beetroot, Apples, berries, pomegranates, watermelon, any fresh and in-season fruit, whole wheat bread,  spouted spelt bread, whole rye bread, orange, natural yoghurt, chickpeas.

Taste buds watering!?


Now Vegetables! You will love vegetables when you start eating them. Cook them up right and they are mouth watering, I promise! 

  • Brocolli, Carrots, Lettuce, Cauiflower, Mushrooms, Spinach, Cabbage, Zucchini, Peas, Brussels sprouts, peppers, Onion, Cucumber, Spinash, tomato, bokchoy – or any other greens for that mater.


Last but not least, your body needs adequate amounts of healthy sources of fat and oils.  They actually reduce cardiovascular risk, we cannot have proper hormonal balance without adequate amounts of them, and  improve insulin sensitivity. Good fats can help you lose body fat!

Here is a list of the fats /oils that all my health freak and nutritionist friends chose.

  • Raw Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut oil (best to cook in),  avocado & fish.

Healthy fats and oils are very important in a healthy diet and will not turn to body fat if kept low and is kept to unsaturated.

If a food label says “partially hydrogenated” on it, then you have trans fats. “BAD FOR YOU!”

Perhaps the best fat is from fish. Fish consumption decreases cardiovascular disease risk as well as improve insulin sensitivity. A portion of salmon 3 times a week is perfect or a tablespoon daily of oil (remember unsaturated only) daily.

Other good oils and fats are avocados, olive oil, safflower oil, sesame oil.

TAKE NOTE – coconut is known to be great to cook in as it is one of the best oils to cook in high temperatures (and shortly behind is olive oil) as its molecule doesn’t get destroyed by the heat. BUT remember don’t over do it! One teaspoon is plenty per meal!

Beef hot pot with veges

And I am sure reading this, you just came across some food you enjoy eating right?  I bet you can think of some pretty great dishes that you could whip up right?

To get it all right, simply choose one portion from each column in any combination. Make your portions as colourful as possible!  There are so many different combinations you can use to make some scrumptious meals.

For example: grilled chicken, steamed  rice (preferably brown) and carrots,  mushrooms and broccoli, lemon and a drizzle of olive oil  to dress … YUM and fueling the body and providing the essentials to the body the clean way!


The most important thing to remember is, each meal has to have a serve from protein and carbohydrate, and at least 2 meals a day needs to have a good serve of vegetables.  Remember the new government minimum requirements –  5 servings or veges, and 2 of fruit! 🙂

Most importantly! What is a serving size?   Well back to basics, your serving sizes is very easy… it is approximately the size of the palm of your hand or your clenched fist. No scales or weighing – no drama, just plain simple!


Always chose a variety of your Proteins, Carbohydrates, Vegetables, and Fats.  So the more colour on your plate the better!

More colour and variety  means the more variety of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. Why is this important? Well they all are important, if not vital for all the chemical reactions in your body. To provide the building blocks that keep the body functioning at its optimum potential, build itself, detox its self, heal itself, cleanse itself!

Chose what is fresh and in season and try and always mix it up so your not eating the same 3 meals all year round!





I eat like this for 3-4 meals a day!  If i’m training extra hard, and I am extra hungry, I pop more veges on the plate! Sometimes Il even have an extra meal in my day.  Your body needs extra nutrients when its going through the stresses of training!

This way of eating is so easy, nutritious, maintainable, oh and not to mention get you an energetic, healthy, happy beautiful body that is full of vitality!

Take note, there is no processed rubbish. No canned toxic food. No dead food.  You do not need a phd to read the ingredient list. No chemical ridden,  non-food crap causing havoc to your natural bodies processes, and your health!  Your body also doesn’t need to digest and detox  all the chemicals and toxins that makes you feel like going to sleep for 3 hours after eating it!

The food on this page is wholesome healthy, nutritious, wholesome food – REAL food! You feel nourished and energetic after eating it. This is what food is for, right?!  This food is an absolute must for your organs, for your body to live a long,  healthy, fruitful life, full of happiness and vitality!


Enjoy eating for a healthier, happier more vibrant you!

Renee xo


Renee Kounis Neyku Director / Designer


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