Let’s get the eating right! Part 1

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Are you sick of all the contradicting information of what you should eat, what you should not to eat, when you should to eat,  how you should eat?  Do you feel like overwhelmed with all the confusing nutrition information out there for you?

I don’t blame you! Being in the fitness, nutrition and health  industry for over 15 years, I have heard it all!  I am not shocked at all that you may be confused! Sometimes I think even some of the experts are!

So lets simplify things. Lets get your eating right,  for your health, for your fat loss, for fueling your body and for your vitality. 
Part 1 – You are what you eat. 
Think of this…Within the next year, virtually every cell which makes up your body you are living in will be GONE!! Yep gone! Obviously you will not disappear but all your cells will be recreated anew.

Right now your skin cells, your muscles cells, even your organs cells are degenerating and regenerating. Yep as you sit there, lay on the beach, or walk on the treadmill, your body is being ‘re-built’. Everyday this happens. It is constantly being ‘re-created’

The good thing is, you have the capacity to control how your body recreates and transforms!

You CAN have a healthy, happy body that is full of vitality and stamina. Isn’t it exciting!? YOU have the control of how you feel, how you look, how much ‘up and go’ you have.

You do not have to gain fat, retain fluid, lose muscle. You can avoid feeling tired and you can avoid giving up on your self! If you choose, you can look and feel amazing for life. You can re-create yourselves!

Let me guide and support you through this. I suffered with chronic lethargy, and eating disorders for too long in the past. Not blaming anyone, but there are some stupid ideas out there, there are some crazy old school ways of eating, as well as some crazy fad diets and to top it off, some ridiculous portrayals on how we should look. Seriously they need to stop! Or at least you need to be conscious of it all so you can choice health, so there is NO more confusion and NO more suffering!

Remember you only get one body, one chance.  So please first of all,  you must decide you want this. You must want this for your self and a you must want to be a better,  happier, healthier you. You need to commit to breaking your old habits. Commit to your self!

One you are committed, with this basic nutrition information,  you need to now know how to get the eating right…

Figs on goats yogurt

So how does your body re-create itself? Where does your body get the material to build your new skin cells, your new hair cells, your new brain cells, your new liver cells, your muscles, bone, blood, heart cells? Where does it get the material to build and created your body every day ?

                        Uh hu!  You guessed it …  Food!

I always used to hear the good old saying, ‘you are what you eat’.   I thought it just meant,  if you eat a lot of crap your gonna be fat!  Yes this is true, but as we know both know now, there is a lot more behind this saying!



I never understood  what I was actually doing to my body with the food I ate.

Like many people out there, the ‘uneducated’ are just innocently just eating, and worse feeding their family,  what they think is best. They are unaware that the marketing on the Tv is Bu$#S(It  and the food industry is a money hungry business. They are unaware that they can look and feel so so much better!  Are unaware that they can rebuild a healthier body by a few little tweaks here and there.

We need to eat intentionally and mindfully. We need to be educated and we need to be really conscious of what goes into our mouth.

What would you rather, your new skin or your new heart, or your new hair made of?

A 6 month old, frozen, greasy, processed, nutritionally dead, hormone and chemical ridden and horribly treated beef pie OR a piece of fresh organic chicken and organic vegetables which is full of goodness because is has just been picked the last few days out of the well kept local garden…?  I know you and me both would absolutely rather the later!

Are you consciously eating OR are you like most people out there, just grabbing what ever tastes good and fills your belly? Are you eating to fuel your body or are you just eating the same meals that you have found easy for the last 10 years?  Oh are you feeding an empty stomach or are you grabbing a bag of dead bag of sugar and fat to for fill massive cravings or  maybe pushing down your emotions when you can not deal with them! Which I must add are not your fault, they are just what you know at the present time.


So lets get clear about the fundamentals of nutrition.  It is so simple. You don t need to try any more fad diets. You don’t need to go on crash diets and then spend years undoing the damage.  Now is the time you educate yourself to eat properly and gain the fit healthy body and mind you have always wanted. AND keep it!

You Deserve to feel the best you can.  You deserve to look the best you can. You deserve to live a happy and health life. With a little education, and a basic plan and you will be! You will be eating right!

It is not complicated, sorry if you like complicated. There are no catches, in case you wanted to find someone else to blame for your bad results. Its not hard, incase you wanted to find more excuses. HAHA  nope this is back to basics, just how I like it.

Simplicity, no drama.

I have guided so people to change their eating habit and therefore their body, health and vitality.  It is so amazing what has been achieved over the 15 years.  With this education, and our basic eating plan,  you can to change and live a happier and healthier life AND it is REALLY simple once you get the hang of it. Bonus!

Part 2 coming xox


Renee Kounis Neyku Director Designer
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